New Year’s Resolutions

I so have to steal this and repost it. She puts into words all the thoughts that have been running around in my head. Its a little long for some of you but well worth the read. And don’t forget to check out her websites.  The artwork is divine.

Source: New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions

20 of 75 SketchI don’t usually make
resolutions other than my weekly resolution to pleeeeeze get my own body in shape.
Last night Mitchell said something and I heard it as he could do yoga and have it benefit me.  For a split second I had this gleeful New Age thought like a child on Christmas Eve that perhaps my yogi husband had figured out a way to do yoga
FOR ME.   I could lay around eating Julie’s frozen yogurt fudge-pop and he would stretch FOR ME and it would benefit
my muscles!  I howled for a
long time laughing my ass off
and he had to be patient to hear what I was laughing at.

However, in 2015 I turned 60 (goddess that is hard to say) and decided that I had another 30 years if family genes and my resolution to finally get back into shape pan out.  I did make a NYE resolution, though it may be a coincidence.  I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.

My resolutions are all about not wasting
the time I have left on the planet.
I have a lot to do!

I am through being pulled off my goals by annoying people.  Seriously, they are time and energy wasters.


W15 4 8 IFJM 008Also, other than a few people who can
bore the shit out of me but it doesn’t matter
cuz I love them, and this is NOT my husband, except when he forgets I am not a
history nut and decides to read me some
crazy detailed thang about some person in the
17th century in Italy (I cannot even follow the thread), and then I remind myself it is just
the two of us in this boat together
and so, be patient and listen unless
it goes on for more than ten minutes —
remember he listens to me yak on about paint —
then I ask him if there will be a test
to gently remind him that he turned off the
very good music just to read insane history to me (did he forget I hate history?) and he gets it as
long married folks do, and nobody gets their feelings in a fluff, well, I digress, but I have resolved to have zero patience for boring…

I will only read those blogs I truly enjoy and not read blogs simply because they read mine. Here is one I love, No Facilities, and today it was on this topic,  Dan got me going and it turned into this resolution-rant!

I will not read Facebook before 3pm.  I have too many friends with great art to look at and while it is pleasurable I need to make art before I look at art.

I will not be pulled into family dramas where I know the outcome is always the same and they don’t want my sage advice (seriously, I have sage advice).

W14 11 18 Waiting for New MoonI swear I will not read the news
in the morning because the politicians, too, do not take my sage advice.
The core issues in our world are
too depressing, and other than
building an ARK I cannot do much
about it that I’ve not done or do.
In fact, I think that I need to remind myself of the what’s-so about
what I can do in any given situation
and only spend time on
things I can DO something about.

That is a good focus.

I am walking away from fear-mongering, a huge time-waster.  Let me be clear:

I am going to walk away from any article or friends who are touting articles (in the moment, not permanently) about mega-earthquakes or other disasters.  Really, folks, I grew up in Lalaland and from Junior High heard about the big one coming.  It never came.  Our family was prepared because as fourth generation Californians it was the smart thing to do having lived through times with no water or some such thing, but other than that THERE IS NO PREPARATION FOR A MEGA DISASTER.  It just causes anxiety to think about, and that is just where the politicians and news outlets want you.  Dangle shiny object here while they pick your pockets.  In our home and office we keep water and some canned items we normally eat (pineapple and beans and cat food) in extra supply to open in case of losses, and flashlights and so forth, but this is because only people from other parts of the country who haven’t lived with the after effects of drought and earthquakes ignore being smart and prepared.  if the big one the stupid New Yorker keeps writing about splits Washington and Oregon from the rest of the USA, then it was simply our karma and time and way to go.

This, BTW, does not apply to the disasters we are brewing with fracking and pesticides and poor energy choices.  Entirely other matter, and yes, we can do something about it if it is not too late.  But even there, I do what I can and that is a lot and if the rest of the world is bent on self-destruction then I cannot worry about it.  My life may be in the hands of bought politicians (Dems and Repubs) and people who are more interested in their phone apps than their grandchildren, SERIOUSLY, and so it goes.  Skip science classes and this is what you get.

Do you make resolutions?

Happy New Year’s!


©D. Katie Powell.  My images/blog posts may be reposted; please link back tozenkatwrites.  Art (unless stated) is also by me; please link to dkatiepowellart.

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