Making Habits

I don’t know why I am always surprised by the signs/”coincidences” that blatantly happen every day.  You would think I would be used to it by now.  I am not complaining; I take it as verification of journey I think I manifest but is more certainly already in the making before I arrive.

I took up art journaling last year to bring more structure into my creative life.  Now, this year, I was compelled to attempt the dailybloggies, even though I am still not sure how far I can take it.

Anyway, they melded today as I listened to one of my workshops.  talked about Making Habits.  She says to build a creative habit take these steps.

  • Decide on what time everyday you will devote at least 5 minutes to your creative habit.
  • Make a space you will do this habit every day.  Clear it off.
  • Make a list or plan of some of the things you may want to tackle.
  • Gather your tools
  • Begin…

I think I can do this….I think I can…. I think I can.

She also mentioned, just concentrate on the habit you are trying to make one day at a time.  Don’t worry about how many days, etc.  Just try not to break the chain.


One thought on “Making Habits”

  1. Good advice. Usually I write these blogs in the mornings, and I really want to stick with it. I’m only 11 days into it, so it’s still fun 🙂 I don’t have the art stuff — there was a time when I used to create a lot of web graphics, but not anymore.

  2. This is synchronicity in action for me ~ I am also attempting to get into the habit of working on some art every day and plan to blog about it. I always find myself putting other things first but even I could manage five minutes every day, one day at a time ~ thank you for sharing that advice! 🙂

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