Her is really Me

– “I am done with pushing HER in the corner and waiting for the right moment, time, or place for HER to spread HER wings. I am ready to let HER go crazy–and to paint–live–and breathe each breath into HER truest self COMPLETELY.”  Connie Solera

Her passion is Fearless Painting.  Substitute the word paint with whatever your passion is.  Her is you…her is me….her is whoever wants to “go crazy”.

Why is it so hard to really let go?

We want to.  We usually don’t.

We try.

We seem to always want to hang on to something though.  We have the ability as a young child.  Just watch one play in total abandon, usually at about four or five years old.  After that the world starts to mold us and put us in our place and teach us that we must, at all costs, keep control.

In the crone years, there is the opportunity to return those roots.  Try dancing barefoot, or doing anything in your bare feet.  Put on a twirly skirt.  Get out the crayons.  Play in the water.  Then, remember what it is that you really want to do next.

art etc 003


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