Keep Going!

Retirement and aging used to mean slowing down, and, in some ways that we have no control over, it still does.

I am finding that the pace is picking up, or at least seems to be, because of so many new directions available.  After a brief rest and reconditioning, there are so many new things I want to explore I can’t keep up with myself.

I have been trying to incorporate both creating and manifesting into a daily thing.  I have always had them at hand,  but being more attentive and practicing every day has immediately made a change in my awareness and in my general well being.

What was the old saying? ” Keep on trucking”.  Keep on moving on.  You will find new and wonderful treasures

One thought on “Keep Going!”

  1. Yes, that is the phrase, Linda – “so many new directions I can’t keep up.” I am enjoying your beautiful, thoughtful writing and having you here again 💖🎀

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