Going in Circles

Many times the expression I am, she is , whatever is Going in Circles, and it is not a compliment.  It seems to imply that you are not getting anywhere.

A few weeks ago I spied this post on Facebook about a Labyrinth Garden from the Seattle Times.  Follow link if you wish to read the whole article.

labyrinth garden

Since I already have my round garden, this really caught my fancy.  I reposted it and one of my daughter’s replied, “Go for it, Mom”.

I started researching labyrinths, finding pictures, ideas, how to draw one, how to build one, even an entire Society dedicated to them.

This week, I get a post in my e-mail from a great Zentangle blog I subscribe to – I Am the Diva and the weekly challenge #215 is Labyrinths.  She talks about a lot that I had already learned in my research, like a labyrinth is not a maze, cites more links to haw to draw one and introduces a new person/site to us.  Julie Gibbons.  Julie is a creator of Mandalas and also offers a free e-book on Found Inspirations.

Found Inspirations is a form of collage with intent to discover.  The first step is to grab a magazine and start cutting out words for your future collages.  I didn’t get that far.  The front cover of the one I grabbed said “Road Trips”.  Every single page held amazing things as I perused the mag with eyes wide open.  There was even a picture with a traffic sign that said “Smile Both Ways”.  Now how often do you notice things like that.

I have picked out the spot in the yard that will hold a labyrinth.  It may take me till next year to get one built, but the purpose is there.

When I start really paying attention to the things happening all around me and start putting together the jigsaw puzzle, it almost always comes full circle.  I end up with insight and clarity which catapults me into another circle of awesome discovery.

I am getting somewhere going in circles, and circles (this time labyrinths) have lead me here.

Julie also said, if you don’t know the question, it’s okay, just ask – what is  the answer I need to know ?

This month the answer is circles I think.

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