April Projects

This month I have been on a sewing binge.

I had a great time making this waldorf doll and her wardrobe which was donated to a Montessori School auction.  Her name is Lily.

Lily 003

Yesterday I finished project number two.  Painting aprons for a class of three year olds.

004 005

These projects are helping me overcome the urge to plant in the garden.  Spring fever is here but it is far to early to plant outside.  April is a tempestuous month on the mountain.  Sun, wind, rain, hail, hot, cold; no rhyme or reason to it.  The sunny days used to tempt me to plant, and then I would replant, and then I would plant again.  Now, I use this month to clean up gardens, design some more yard art, plant a few things in the rain house.

Some of the herbs are thriving though and several of my renegade chickens that have flown the coop have decided that in between the returning lemon balm, chives and parsley is the perfect place to lay their eggs.

001 002

One of the hens specifically climbs the fence and flies the coop to go lay her egg in the  side garden and then waddles back to the pen.  We call her Houdini because she is such an escape artist.  Yesterday we finally caught her in action.  Her technique is a sight to see.  She jumps up as far as she can, grabs the fence with her claws, latches on to the top string grid (put there to supposedly  deter any flight pattern), and yanks herself up and over the top, then tumbling with no grace whatsoever to the ground on the other side.  Free.  Mind you their fenced in yard is larger than the rest of the yard.  The fence is to keep the predators out, not necessarily them in; but, the grass is always greener and Houdini is out to find it.

The other hen stays out because the she and the rooster have their differences and we feel sorry for her so let her do her thing on the other side.  I guess she decided to keep Houdini company and started her nest just about a foot away.

I am not sure what is going to happen when I start watering.  I hate to disturb them, but the chives are looking a little ragged.

One thought on “April Projects”

  1. What a lovely post filled with your beautiful gifts to others. I hope you get to see the little artists in their special aprons. You’ve found such a creative way to counter the April temptation to plant and replant. I don’t dare turn my head as I drive past the nurseries even though the lots are filled with cars. Far too soon to be tempted heree, too.

    I’m confused as I thought hens had to sit on the eggs till they hatched. Does Houdini do that with her far-flung egg drops; do you replace them in a nest or are they goners?

    SO HAPPY you are back, Linda. Remember how blog-frazzled we were last year at this time (but giddy about tangling).

    Is that an artichoke??

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