No Snow

The Farmer’s Almanac was right this year, so far, and I am grateful.  The Pacific Northwest was predicted to have an average winter while the rest of the country was supposed to get slammed.  Every morning I wake up to a wet soggy day, I am thankful there is no snow.  Of course, our worst weather here on Mist Mountain is the end of January, beginning of February, but if we make it that far with nothing already on the ground then it won’t last too long or shut us down and spring will be just around the bend.

Translation:  Spring fever is here very, very early.  Time to plan gardens, go in search of seed catalogs and design ideas, check what seed we have and what seed we need, and dream!

New quote I read today that fits in perfectly:

“Let us direct our desire for a better world into the earth itself.”  -Carol L MacKay

I have high hopes of “I will do _________ this year”.  I could fill pages and pages with things to fill that blank.  My years on this earth have taught me not to waste another moment making that list, just pick one and go….run……dance with it; when I am done with that dance, go back and fill in the blank again.  Keep going, keep breathing, keep dancing, keep moving and have fun doing it….”into the earth itself” and out into the universe.  Soggy morning or not.

2 thoughts on “No Snow”

  1. I just found your blog. What a delight. I, too, think we need to reclaim the honorific “crone”. I’m sad people associate it with negative behaviors and attitudes. I’m working on a series on stories in celebration of this phase of our life. Not chick lit, but crone lit! I’ll be back!

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