“Being Pink”

Weekly Challenge #190  came right in the middle of canning applesauce and cran/apple juice.  I am Diva called this Challenge Pink for Ardath because last winter her grandmother Ardath passed away from complications due to Breast Cancer.

I appreciate these themes especially for days like today; to be given a subject and don’t have to do too much thinking, just draw freely while waiting for the apples to turn to mush.  Since we had such a great harvest this year, my brain is already mush trying to coordinate the food storage for the winter.

I dedicate my pink challenge to some of the survivors in my life, Sheila – my good friend and fellow crone, Virginia, one of my many bosses, and Virginia’s daughter.  I am glad you were able to stay here with me.  We make sure to have wonderful coffee times together, cherishing each day.


Obviously the scan didn’t pick up all the color, because this paper is bright pink.  The notes and keys are for Ardath who love music.  The ribbons are for Virginia’s hair.  The stitches are for Sheila, trying to hold herself together after the second bout with breast cancer..  The hearts are for everyone, survivors and supporters, to remind us to love each other every day.

10 thoughts on ““Being Pink””

  1. I like how you have used specific meaningful tangles for each of the women in your life. The end result is like a favorite quilt to wrap up in. Good luck in your canning. My Asian Pear butter turned out fantastic this year! 🙂

  2. Nice tribute and appreciate your sharing your thoughts behind the tangles you chose. Sometimes there is a specific reason and other times it is random. Really like your ribbon on the right side. Nice shading.

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