“We Are All Jewels”

Weekly Challenge #188: National Coming Out Day 


My first participation in a challenge, and my first use of a lot of color. Still trying to figure out how to edit my scan though. That is why there is so much white space.

UPDATE:  I did it.  I was finally able to figure out how to crop my scan.  Everyday there is something new to learn.

15 thoughts on ““We Are All Jewels””

  1. Enjoyed the description of 12-year-old’s idea for this challenge. Beautiful tangle for the occasion!

    Once you scan, do you save as a .jpg (picture) file? If so you should be able to “crop” it with the computer’s photo editor software. Of course each computer works differently.

  2. Beautiful tile. Welcome to the challenges. I hope you enjoy looking at others entries and learning from them. I’m having lots of fun with them.

  3. Great to ‘meet’ another crone here. Hope to see more of you in the future. Your tile is very beautiful, I love the shining ‘pearls’ in it!

    1. Thanks LonettA, I haven’t worked much with the onion and jewel patterns but always wanted to. I expect I will be using much more often. I am captivated with your tile as well. Your grid pattern is another one I am just learning, and seeing it in your work motivates me even more.

    1. It is interesting to start to feel what might go where. I am working on emptying the clutter out of my mind and letting ideas try to get in. Your tangle has so much color it is motivating me to try to use more as well. Thank you for visiting.

    1. Thank you Heidi Sue. I can tell it is going to take me a while to master the floatfest, (my lines wobble a lot), but I like the airy feel of that tangle and it helps me get some white space into things.

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