Unaligned Stars?

There seems to be a lot of unhappiness, stress, and general malaise in the air.  A lot of people, mostly female, including me, have been whining way more than usual.  Has the moon moved closer?  Are the stars not in alignment?  Is the news of the world seeping in?  Too much CNN?  Too much work?  Too many people to take care of?  Not enough time?  Not enough money?  Not enough of you to go around?

Everyone hits these walls, but I find this last few weeks there has been a mass pileup, and a lot of blowing off of steam.

I don’t always resort to the male/female or mars/venus thing but this frustration and lack of coping ability lately appears to be basically all the women I know starting to boil over.  The fact that we are not keeping quiet about it helps us realize we are not the only one and we are not going crazy, but does put more stress on the men who have no idea how to “fix us”.  How could they if  we can’t?

So, take a deep breath and then a few more.  Relax.  Make some time for you.  Cut one thing out of your crazy life.  Anything, big or little, is an accomplishment and can get you moving in the right direction.

Do we have mass overload? Are we feeding off each other or spreading a virus?  Could be.  In the past few days, I have begun to see that as we pull away from the drama we know is contagious , there is left a void.  If we do not use this void to do those things we didn’t have time for, or replace those things we were whining about with what we wish it could be, then the same old drama will be sucked right back into that vacuum.  Maybe not our own drama, but there is a space that all manner of dust, dirt, or slime can ooze into. We may not be aware of it seeping in, but it feels like something is out of whack.   You know, all those “small things” that aren’t supposed to matter.

My remedy is get an alignment.  If your car wasn’t steering straight, wobbling and shaking, and not maneuvering well, you would fix it.  Pick one I wish, or I should of, or I could of, or I need to, or I want to, and fill the gap after sweeping out the cobwebs. Then another, then another.  Be creative, think outside of the box.  Line up your stars and planets.  Design a new constellation while you are at it.  Encourage others to do the same.  Unload the crap and move on.  Doesn’t that feel better?

4 thoughts on “Unaligned Stars?”

  1. That photo is so dang cute, I thought you were going to woo me with grandbabies.

    Sorry about all your female-centered angst. Someone mentioned “mercury in retrograde” if that means anything to you.

    If you’re listening to tv, you’re no doubt hearing ad nauseum about the war on women and how “evil politicians” aren’t looking out for us. Such bull. Turn it off.

    if you’re overwhelmed, focus on what you’d take care of if all you have is today. I doubt if 99% of our “to do’s” will result in life-threatening situations if we don’t get them done.

    What do YOU want?

    Sometimes all I want is for all the other whiners to stop dumping their complaints on my ears.

    1. You say what I was trying to say much better than I. And, guess what, not only is the moon hitting full , there is also a moon eclipse tomorrow. Should have known those moon waves were strong.

  2. There are definite rhythms to life. I agree that strife seems to be at a high level right now. Alignment is the perfect antidote. The more we are pulled this way and that, the more we need to center.

  3. No kidding! My Sis-in-law worked labor & delivery night shift for years and they actually planned their staffing by the lunar cycle because that proved the most accurate indicator of how busy their department would be!!

    I was afraid my comment would sound unsympathetic or like I was scolding you. I used to love female friends, but the last decade I’ve slowly (and in one case with great angst) pulled away from them, except in very small doses. I found I was so affected by their moods – often accompanied by complaints or gossip that was meaningless – that I was constantly focused on negative stuff.

    I even tried a few group activities with new folks where you would think the activity would prevail, but it still devolved into gripe and snipe sessions. That was a real eye opener and finally convinced me “people in small doses and my own company 95% of the time”. Right now I won’t even sign up for a zentangle class because I don’t want to be disappointed in the human aspect of it! I guess my introversion is more extreme than I’m often willing to admit.

    I’ve never been more content, and the few lonely moments when I miss having a heart-friend, I remember how difficult it is to find. Especially when I give so much time and love to Hub and grandkids.

    I hope you find your own equilibrium, dear Linda. It is so important to put yourself first in these remaining years – it doesn’t mean we get what we want or can “make” other people be who we want them to be. It just means no one except you can find your equilibrium, and insist on maintaining it.

    Big Hugs. Your Introverted but Deeply Devoted Buddy 🙂

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