Nothing new or Universal Thoughts?

Maybe it is in the genes, maybe it is ions floating around, maybe it is shared history, or maybe there is nothing new, just a recurrence,  like” Groundhog Day” for everyone.  I once read that every time you think of something “new”, sooner or later you will find somebody already thought of it.  I especially am reminded of this, every time I draw a template to tangle.  I did the mask, there are beautiful masks everywhere, I didn’t even get a totem pole from my mind to the paper before seeing someone else’s on the web.  Will they think I copied? Or will they also get the synchrony of it all?

Today, I read this:

“Do you really believe that humans invented the wheel out of their big brains alone, or fire, or baskets, or tools?  Stones rolled downhill; bolts of fire shot from the sky and out of the earth; birds wove and probed and pounded, as did apes and elephants.  The sciences that master nature were taught by nature how it could be mastered.”    – James Hillman


It is awesome how answers to that which you ponder just fall out of the sky and into your lap!

One thought on “Nothing new or Universal Thoughts?”

  1. We have to believe in the unique individuality we bring to our creations. It is all we have to offer, and it is a gift- every time – to those who love us and those who follow.

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