I am not totally out to lunch!

This has been a tough month, but I am still plugging away. Tangling, thanks to you Sammy, has gotten me through, and I am slowly coming out into the world again.
The first wall project is slowly growing.

It's progressing slowly but surely.
It’s progressing slowly but surely.


This is the design I did on my homemade paper.  Yes, the pen does bleed in spots.  I tried everything for shadows,and finally got watercolors to sort of work.  I think this is going to take some time to figure out the perfect technique.

My design on my homemade paper.  Finally used watercolors for shadows.
My design on my homemade paper. Finally used watercolors for shadows.


I will soon get all pics of all the others to put in Zentangle August page in the above tabs.

3 thoughts on “I am not totally out to lunch!”

  1. Oh thank goodness! I know he didn’t say “no” but I thought he might have locked you in the chicken coop :-). :-). The wall is looking fabulous and the paper face is so tribal yet whimsical!

    What did you use in the paper pulp for color bits and red hue? I haven’t made any for years and gave away all my felts, etc. years ago, but it was a hobby I loved at the time.

    I can’t think of anything to shade that won’t get absorbed by the handmade paper face, and am surprised the water colors “held”. I think it looks terrific!!

    So happy to hear from you. I’ve been doing lots of tangle practice, but not for posting purposes – just practicing different patterns.

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