After the Weekend

Being unplugged, with family, and doing no work whatsoever has been delightful.  Yes, I went through all the phases of guilt, anxiety, fear of the unknown, and burst out into the moments of joy, delight, and just plain fun!

4th 001 4th 002



My daughter and my grandson liked my glorified doodling I have been obsessed with and joined right in.  My grandson, 10, was amazing to watch.  Once he looked at a few of my Zentangles and some I had collected of the internet he was off and tangling, filling in those blank spaces faster than I could even think of what I wanted in mine.  He is a natural. He will be entering his in the state fair.  My daughter, who never has time to slow down and do something just for the heck of it, just completed another thesis and actually had time to not worry about “wasting time” and joined us.  I was very happy to be able to share that time with her.  She added a lot of color into her drawing.  Maybe that means she was bursting out too.

4th 006
Another of our projects together was to design a sign for the pygmy goats they were going to have at the fair which took a whole day and even the guys were involved finding some wood and sanding it and eventually putting on hardware to hang it.

4th 007

We spent some time making paper bowls as well, but I forgot to take pictures.  Nana forgot to put the lid on the blender and got splatted all over with soggy pulp.  Grandson and daughter thought that was hilarious.  I didn’t see the humor at the moment, I was too busy spitting and sputtering.  But water in the face did cool me down, so there was the joy in that incident.

The evening for fireworks was perfect.  We don’t get a lot of perfect weather in this pocket of the Pacific NW.  To be outside at 10 pm with no bug”Basking in the moonlight” is most enjoyable.

Oh, added note,  grandson is very into Zombies at the moment and showed me what that would look like.

4th 004


My tangling this weekend


One thought on “After the Weekend”

  1. Oh I love it all – the art, the time together, showing your family a new passion, the amazing goat plaque, the state fair, Nana getting “juiced” – life at its richest. And some gorgeous tangles to boot.

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