Monday’s Z’s

Next step after class is working my way through Beginning Zentangle* Volume 1 by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas that is found in the Zentangle Kit.  Here are Monday’s travels.  It was like an addiction.  I couldn’t stop.  I’d walk away for awhile, then find some excuse to go back and do just a little more.

I was surprised to find that I am already experimenting just a little by adding an extra line here or there.  They are right, if you are there in the moment the drawing calls to you and leads you in certain directions.  And I was just talking about that concept in life with a friend.  If you identify your needs and wants, through them out into the universe, and open yourself up for an answer, it will come, and lead you in that direction.

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Z’s”

  1. I love the spider web variations, and lower right corner of bottom one – great pattern. Your work is so … Accomplished! Are you using Sakura pens? What do you think if them? I have a few frustrations with consistency of ink flow, but some of that is me learning how much pressure (although some pens seem to sporadically dry up then flow again!). Also I have several different kinds if tiles, and each seems to absorb ink slightly differently. I want perfect … But why? I think that’s wanting approval, and it’s always work to release that desire (for me).

    I chuckle at your returning to do a tad more tangling – I almost feel like I’m sneaking outside for a cigarette as I think “just one more” or say to Hub, “I’ll be right back, I have to pee” then sit on the john doodling in zecret (that’s code for zen secret).

    And yes, opportunities flow to those receptive to receiving them, especially if you are aware of what you want.

    Hugs! Zamster (code for Zen Tangler Sammy). Kill me now 🙂

    1. I am using what the teach put in out kit at the moment – Pigma Micron 01 made by Sakura. She also stressed that perfect is not the goal; which is a good thing or I and my friends wouldn’t have tried it in the first place. That’s so funny about the “zecret”, Every time R walked in from shop would be the exact time I sat down to “just add a little more”. I can tell he thinks I am wasting my time. I tell him I am honing my skills. But, I am feeling guilty no longer. I am almost retired as well and I need an agenda no longer. I am going to Zentangle my way through this retirement adjustment with no worries.

  2. Now THAT’S a perfect attitude :-). You’ll be busier in retirement “angling” than you are now. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Especially when lost in my pigment pen:-)

    PS I love the one you just posted – you already have the “shading” down; I still struggle with putting it in the “right” place and not smearing it. Just part of those critical, perfectionist voices I need to banish.

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