Monday Dinner Conversation about Sunday Zentangles Class

The whole story, as I have mentioned before, starts with Sammy D. from, her friendship through blogging, her support and inspiration, and her adventuring into Zentangling.  I found it very intriguing and researched Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  I would have loved to go to Rhode Island to become an instructor eventually, but since I don’t travel that far anymore, I checked out their page of instructors and found Molly at Tanglelove and asked if she would consider travelling out of the city to our small town and doing a class.  That’s her in the photo.

It was wonderful and these are photos of some of our completed and almost completed tiles at the class.

It was a most lovely day.  After class a couple of us actually sat outside on the curb and talked for two hours.  I haven’t done that since I hung out with my friends as a teenager.  The sky was filled with storm clouds, but the sun was shining.  The wind was blowing and blustering.  The conversation was heartfelt and filled with truths.

How long does it take for each of us to reach the aha moments found living in the moment?  How exciting when more than just yourself reaches it together.  How comforting to know you are not alone in your journey, that others are on the path right beside yours.

Thank you again Sammy!  You will be seeing more Zentangles here for sure.

3 thoughts on “Monday Dinner Conversation about Sunday Zentangles Class”

  1. Linda – you just made my week! I’ll keep coming back for a daily dose of this beautiful art and shared companionship. I have been working on Betweed and Rick’s Paradox for weeks, but haven’t mastered them yet. Patience and zen-ness :-). I am so impressed with these, the beauty in the creation is as satisfying as the end result. Thank you so much for embracing this with me; you have no idea ( well, yes you do) how much being able to learn this together means to me!

  2. Hi – the sky is darkening and I’m just about to turn in for bed, but came back for another peek. You had a talented bunch who created beautiful tiles. I’m so happy for you, and for a day living in the moment. We pay dearly to have those moments, and I hope we continue finding ways to bring them into our lives. Sleep well, my Tinker-Tangler.

  3. Hi Linda:

    Thank you for your hospitality. I was very impressed with Clatskanie.
    I will look forward to teaching in beautiful towns such as yours in the future.
    I bought a wooden letter at your cafe, and I’ve been tangling it since
    I arrived home (will send it.)
    Love to you all,

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