Monday Dinner Conversations – Celebration

A man said to me the other day that he had decided to really enjoy to the max every event from this day on.  He got my attention immediately.  For one, he was talking about babysitting his granddaughter when he came to this conclusion.  I have met quite a few grandfathers lately that are truly enjoying being in that role; I think it is a new resurgence as the stay at home dad has been.  This makes my heart sing for a million reasons.

Anyway, I digress, as always, so I will finish the story.  He said he figured out that with average mortality rates and quality of life issues thrown in the equation he probably only had about 20 more birthdays, 20 more Christmases, 20 more summers to really enjoy and do whatever he wanted to do.  His goal would now be to celebrate all of them in an awesome manner.

This friend is younger than I am.  Even if I go with the idea that women might live longer than men, I still can only stretch it out to 30 more, or maybe 40 more if technology goes crazy.  That is not a very big number. s  It is extremely humbling actually.  It puts things into perspective with a resounding thump.

So…….let’s get the party started, one big never-ending fling!

4 thoughts on “Monday Dinner Conversations – Celebration”

  1. I’ve had this thought in mind for a year or so – that I have 20-30 years remaining (knock on wood). There are pro’s and con’s to thinking this way for me. I love spring and summer so much, and we had such a lousy May that I didn’t do a very good job of enjoying the month simply because I couldn’t let go of feeling cheated of one of my remaining Mays. Anxiety in all its forms has always been my nemesis so I have to keep working on apprecisting what each moment IS and not what I wish it is.

    1. Yes, a new May, with new things to explore. Snow is not the same in May as it is February. That’s the beauty of celebrating each time. It won’t be the same, and it doesn’t matter. No expectations, just new surprises. Big hugs. One of my daughters has extreme anxiety issues, I totally get it. Just remember to breathe, and move forward,. one baby step at a time.

      1. Thanks,Linda, for your encouragement. I know “no expectations” is the best attitude; I just crave the sun and heat for mental health and body aches & pains, and get cranky when I lose a month to bad weather. Perhaps a month in warmer climate will be necessary next winter. We’ll see. Sorry to hear your daughter has anxiety, too. I do have good meds; just an occasional “off” day.

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