Oh, oh, Sammy!

And it is all compliments of a growing friendship with another blogger who has enough drive to push the rest of us into movement.  Sammy D. at Bemuzin is an explorer of all things and takes the time to share the interesting things she finds as well as great blogs she visits.

This, in turn, intrigues me and I follow her suggestions, and end up jumping right in.  It doesn’t matter to me if I seem a little scattered, focus has always been a  downfall of mine, and the up side in a lot of learning new things and having new experiences.  “They” keep saying that is what keeps your mind young, so I should be about 3 years old by now.

Anyway, the latest thing she has led me to, is Zentangles, and here is my first one done without a tutorial.

thursday 008


And a new one started to finish for next week:

thursday 009

Inspired by Wisteria.


8 thoughts on “Oh, oh, Sammy!”

  1. Ooooh – these are beautiful! I love doodling (especially while taking notes at boring work meetings) and I saw Sammy’s post on zentangles and really want to try it. Your drawings are gorgeous! I can’t wait to try a new style of doodling! 😀

  2. Amazing tangle! You are a star!

    I LOVE zentangles – though have yet to actually take pen in hand. I’m rather a bit too attached to the keyboard and am loathe to let go…

    1. lol, my pad and pen sit right next to my laptop on the dining table. When my fingers get cramped in one direction, I just move to the other.

  3. Oh, oh, linda – can you see me grinning? You are a tangle star!!! I have yet to tackle anything bigger than 3 1/2″ square and you jump right in 🙂 those are bee-utiful. So many patterns in that first one, and I love the wisteria. So much fun to be learning this with you 🙂

    1. I too am in love, and it was, as usual, perfect timing. And this is just the thing to try to get my fingers and mind limber again. I wish I had more time to read more about it, there is tons of information on line. Guess I’ll have to wait till winter to explore it all, or give up sleeping.

      1. No Kidding – I keep staying up later and later because I don’t have time for Hub and “my stuff”. He laughs when I suggest he might want to find another woman 🙂

    1. Pretty amazing isn’t it, filled with all it’s perils and delights. This danged electric box has also given me some incredibly miraculous events in my life, so I can’t give it up, even though it shortens each day considerably.

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