Thursday Inside on Mist Mountain

Doesn’t look like much produced this week, but I feel like a lot was accomplished. I got a box of finished knitted and crocheted Waldorf doll clothes shipped off to Reggie’s Dolls.  She is the most bubbly, excited, exuberant, sweet lady and a joy to do work for.  I finally made a decision on how I wanted to ply the gorgeous blue yarn I spun, and that is now ready for washing and setting.  I also received another box of gorgeous hand dyed roving to spin from Ginger.  Even if you don’t use fiber, her colorful dyeing is worth viewing just for inspiration at Wintry Flower By Design.

And, I made a decision on what my next loom projects would be, and have begun warping up the first loom.  It always takes me a while to make the final decision on what the next endeavor will be and can be frustrating, but now the fun begins.

I also have been working on “Zentangles”, soon to be posted.

Have a great week, and make it happen, whatever it may be.

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