Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside

So once again Sammy D. has distracted me into trying something new.  Along with the knitting and crocheting, I tried her pattern drawing and got totally involved and had to go buy a new sketchbook.

3 thoughts on “Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside”

  1. *big grin * Those are gorgeous!! Aren’t they fun and soothing? I just finished one an hour ago and am halfway through another. Yours are so flowy and artsy. Mine are more like chicken scratches :-). But I can feel my right brain awakening. Just don’t expect to see handknit booties on my blog 🙂

    1. What? No booties? The only reason those are artsy is that was my first try and I was sort of following a tutorial; so it was their main idea, not mine. Yours is taken from reality and really gets the whole idea of the landscape across. Yes, they are “fun and soothing”, and the further I get into one the more I relax and therefore the drawing flows more as well. Once again, thank you for steering me into another learning experience.

      1. 🙂 linda- I’m so glad you enjoyed trying it. they are addictive! I planted a few pots of geraniums today and sat on my tiny front porch (stoop, really) and patterened a few squares. Nice, relaxing start to the weekend. Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

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