My Niece Knows Me Well

My niece tagged me on facebook with this.

……….got it? A dress, powder & lipstick. Aunt Linda gets so many drop in visitors on the mountain 


I couldn’t resist.  I had to answer:

New version: Prepare yourself mentally, soulfully, heartily, for everything you do. Never approach anything with a sigh, but with a whoop and a holler and jump right in. No matter the results, at least you stepped out and tried. If there is something you can put off no longer, do it as quick as you can , or not, or talk somebody else into doing it, or if you happen to be one of the rich and famous, pay someone else to do it. Put on whatever feels comfortable, or nothing at all if you please. If it’s cold grab a blankie or shawl, if it’s hot, go barefoot. Keep a bag of your favorite munchies by you side so you don’t have to stop what you are doing and make sure the coffee pot is on. The wilder you look and the more comfortably you are dressed (ladies, you know what I mean) will tip off both any visitors or family to either join in or get out of the way. So many projects, so little time.


4 thoughts on “My Niece Knows Me Well”

  1. Thank you soooo… much! I had forgotten how far we have come. Here’s to gardening (!) in the nude. That should separate the friends from the drop ins.

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  2. That’s hilarious. Both versions!!

    I have a ring with a huge fake amethyst stone and two fake peridots. Occasionally I wear it to read the newspaper in my sweats, uncombed hair, and raggedy fingernails. Just in case someone drops by.

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