Happy Cinco de Mayo, all ye Crones

survivor-atoz [2014]



Oh, I think I survived.  I haven’t looked at the computer in several days.  I think I am finally getting over the shell shock of realizing what a huge commitment I undertook.


     I Survived.

I persevered.

I accomplished what I set out to do …………

and more.

I learned so much from the research I had to do to put together the posts.

I learned even more from others additions and new information.

I met some fantastic bloggers and found some genuine kindred souls.

I took on a new cause from meeting another blogging and now have one more project to add to my to do list.

I feel awesome and proud that I was actually able to do this, and so very very humble that so many are so much more accomplished than I am,

which now absolutely fulfills my biggest need/want/wish;  some great  role models and mentors and partners with whom to keep on trekking on this journey called life.

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]


There were so many participants and so little time that I intend on taking at least the next month or two visiting every one of the listed blogs.

It makes my head spin to realize that such a multitude of great writers and subject matter exists in just this one small place. So many great ideas, good people, joyful output.   How can our planet be in such chaos?

In the meantime, I must catch up on everything I ignored for the month and get the garden planted as well.  Be back soon.



One thought on “Happy Cinco de Mayo, all ye Crones”

  1. Hi, congrats on completing the challenge. Your reflections post might not be getting many visit because the link appears to be wrong, I just deleted part of the link and came to your blog home page. Hope this helps.

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