Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside

It’s May Day and a glorious day it is.  It is not only going to be the hottest day of the week but the hottest day of the year.  This week has been a lot of time spent outside trying to catch up but there are still a few things going on inside while I have my cup of coffee or just plain take a break for no reason.  For no reason.  Can you believe that?  Do we not spend half our life wishing for that?
430thursday 003

 Yarns off the spinning wheel, washed,and hung to set twist. 

430thursday 003

New roving started on the wheels.

430thursday 004

430thursday 001

One thought on “Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside”

  1. Look at all those gorgeous patterns – in the strands of hanging yarn, in the finished woven piece on the stone hearth (beautiful!), in the wood floor. Now that I’m learning zentangles, I’m seeing patterns everywhere ! The blue yarn is yummy!

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