Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside

During the holidays, I decided to make every grandchild a tied drag around quilt.  One they didn’t have to worry about if they didn’t treat it so nice and could be thrown in washer and dryer to fluff back up. I also made over 20 more to donate to a good cause.

Why am I talking about far gone activities? Have you ever made 30 plus tied quilts in two months?  I created havoc and chaos throughout all my workspaces.  Fabric unfolded and tossed everywhere, threads caught in everything, needles and pins throughout the carpets (husband calls them booby traps).  One pile got so high that it fell over and totally blocked my way to the other side of one of the rooms.  To make a long story short, my spring cleaning is happening now in my work spaces, so maybe I can get in to do some more work.

In the process, I came across a lot of yarn that is not natural fiber left over from days gone by before I started focusing on wool, cotton, alpaca, silk.  I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, yes I admit it I am a hoarder of all things useful.  I was packing it up to take to a thrift shop when I came across a wonderful blogger on WordPress who makes Scarves for Troops.  Victoria at My Love Affair with… inspired me.  Her work with Operation Gratitude wanted scarves and some needed to be non-allergenic.  Perfect.  I have a pile of acrylic yarn staring at me.  I am now knitting scarves 5 to 6 ” wide and 48″ long with no fringe as specified to add to the boxes for troops in the time between all the knitting of doll clothes I do for $.

Now when I am knitting, I can say I am cleaning my room; and if I can learn to knit faster, I will soon be able to get into those rooms, and the added bonus will be more empty spaces for more stuff.

Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside on the Table

4 thoughts on “Thursday on Mist Mountain Inside”

  1. Linda – it thrills me that you were inspired by Victoria’s cause and generosity. I have supported deployed troops beginning with the early days of Desert Storm and it has always been a labor of love. i have made some lifelong friendships through my efforts and have been privileged to travel to DC several times to participate in activities with some of my favorite “boys”. Even if you never hear from any of your scarf recipients, please know that your gifts mean EVERYTHING to them.

    My mom has macular degeneration. The one thing she can still do, while listening to tv, is knit lap blankets for vets – she knits the squares from acrylic yarn (only kind her neurolgy accepts) then another lady from the church Bitch ‘n Stitch group sews them together for a size that is just right for those in wheel chairs.

    Thank you so much. I hope your post inspires yet one more person to follow Victoria’s lead!

      1. I’m happy to hear that! Yes, I’m in Montana enjoying a month visit with my Mom. -:)

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