Strength                                         Stillness                                          Sing

Spirituality                                   Simplicity                                       Shine

       Seek                                             Superb                                             Sparkle

Serenity                                          Stunning                                         Soulful

Sacred                                             Space                                               Smile

Sharp                                       Spontaneous                                 Skip

Succulent                                            Soul                                                    Share

Shout                                                    Spirit                                                Spark

    Storyteller                                                Savor                                                Symbiosis

Satisfaction                                    Smart


4 thoughts on “S”

    1. I think S was the biggest, but once I get these things in my head how can I possibly throw even one out. Editing is not my forte at all. Good morning and thanks for visiting. I have been distracted by trips to the city too often recently, I hope to hole up soon and get caught up on reading and answering everyone. Thanks for all your support, I really really really appreciate it.

      1. You are really really really welcome 😉

        No worries when I don’t hear from you or you don’t hear from me. I insist on “no expectations” relationships because I have to treat myself that way or my stress skyrockets. We have connected, and that remains through absence, too!

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