7 thoughts on “Q”

  1. Quality seems, sadly, to be less valued in many ways these days. I feel like I have found a bit in my every day blog visits. Your thoughts and offerings bring me quiet joy.

    1. I do not want to be considered a queen by anyone else, but treating myself like a queen brings a lot into play in my mind. Pampering myself once in a while, being in charge of my own realm (and reality), expecting to be treated with respect and dignity, gathering my personal jewels that are made of love and friendships and family that make me rich beyond my dreams; these things lift me from being the doormat to Being Queen of Mist Mountain, in no one’s consideration but my own.

    1. Yes, these were specifically for a to z. I also created another set that I want to use when I publish these into cards and/journal, but I haven’t quite been able to get the hand drawings onto to the computer and looking like I want them too. But I love challenges. Thanks for visiting.

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