8 thoughts on “P”

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your page. I did visit and enjoyed your page. I am not sure how to follow you without being on the google list though. Do you have an email list?

    1. Patience can be applied in many ways. To me patience is one of my survival instincts and goes with persevere. If I want something bad enough I just concentrate on patience (but yes I do put a time limit on it sort of), then keep throwing it out into the universe and keeping an open mind to understand the answer.
      On the other hand, I do not like to wait. I will wait. Sometimes even for years. But I do not like it.
      I guess patience is a selective endeavor. Or at least it should be. I try to cultivate it all the time in the garden waiting for those peas to grow.

      1. You put patience into a broad context of waiting for things. I’ve done that for a few, but never assiciated it with intentional patience. Thanks for nudging my awareness.

        Can’t help you on the pea patience – we got 3 measley pods when g’kids grew ’em last year. Gardeners they aren’t, but they loved planting the seeds and watching green eventually appear.

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