Faith                        Family
Friends                    Flow
Fun                          Fabulous 
Fantastic                 Fantasize
Fantasy                    Fulfilled
Fearless                   Flamboyant
Feel                           Festive
Fresh                        Fervor
Focus                        Firm
Flourish                   Flexible
Formidable              Fearsome                     Fluid                   Fiery                Fluent 

3 thoughts on “F”

    1. Sammy D., the Funniest part of the whole thing is I am in the middle of dental work and I can’t say any “F” words. Very (F)rustrating!

      1. Ooch hope your dental work goes according to plan and speedy recovery, Lindahl. I’ve got 4 more months of orthodontia splints because of a bike crash last August. Eating and talking are difficult. Hence I write ( and laugh).

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