Blushing and Sunshine

Thank you, Justine from
for even suggesting that I might be worthy of such sunshine. Sunshine is very close to the lighthouse I am always striving for.
I so agree with your wish to bring sunshine and warmth into someone’s life.   I apologize for taking so long but as you know the A-Z Challenge has overcome me.
Thank you for the sweet write up you did to describe my blog. Now I am doing the blushing. I was so surprised that someone saw my “dry humor”, my kids don’t think I have any.
I wasn’t going to accept any more awards because I don’t really have enough time to
fulfill all the requirements, but the Sunshine Award seems to fulfill several of the goals I had on
my blogging list so I thought I could combine it all and feel like I accomplished something.

1. I wanted to join the Random Kindness Blog Tour but couldn’t commit so much time. So with this
reply I can at least list some of the blogs that go great with my morning coffee and make me smile.

2. I agree with other bloggers that are trying to build a positive community to pull inspiration from.
And send it right back. One way of learning about each other is answering crazy questions put to you
out of the blue.

3. Trying to answer these questions can become a whole new prompt for new stories, forces you to
take another look at yourself for better or worse, and who can resist contemplating sex with a super

The rest of this story can be found here.

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