3 thoughts on “B”

  1. Bedazzle is one of my favorite words. I am enjoying your lists very much.

    Just had a thought about your comment on needing a separate email address. Is that because you chose option to receive an email for all comments and likes? My notification isn’t working (it’s an unresolved WordPress glitch), but I found a place to click where all likes and comments (including replies to those you leave on other blogger sites) show up in one neat little list, and you can quickly comment or check it off and go on to the next one. Do you know about that? It has been a real timesaver during A to Z. Let me know if you don’t know where it is on your site and I’ll try to guide you!

    1. Thank you. I think I am beginning to figure it out. I am slowly getting the hang of it. And I will ask for guidance soon.
      Bedazzle is a great word to start your day with, especially if you are going out and about and bedazzle all you can.

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