“I will”

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

Was this prompt made for my page or what?

The women in my family tree were always strong women and in one way or another and did not question their “place” in a “man’s world” at a time when many did.  I think this was a huge advantage in my entrance into the world.  I never thought “I can’t” which freed me to wonder what “I will”.

Now as I age, crone, I am excited to be out of  the frantic pace of work and raising a family in the middle life and have time to continue on in my youth; to actually “be” younger at heart, not older.  The progression of youth into age in number of years does not in itself define where your life goes.  As my heart literally gets older (in years of pumping through this body), I pay more attention to what I eat and what I physically do.  I can say that physically I feel much younger at heart and body now than I ever did.  It has been a natural morphing, I never set out to do such a thing, it just seemed to flow as I entered into this new world of having time for me instead of taking care of everyone else.  I hope the women in my life will not have to question their place in the “family and work” world, and learn to automatically share the load and free some time to  nurture themselves sooner in life.

Soulfully and spiritually, getting older in years is actually having the reverse effect on the rest of my world.  As I find more time and quietness around me my youth is bursting out, trying for another chance, now that I have no reason to keep it under control at times in order to  compete in a “20 or 30 something world”.  I still don’t question my place there, and I can hold my own, but I don’t want to.  I want to sing out loud wherever I am whenever I want, I want to “dance in the garden” and in the rain, I want to follow my curiosities, I want to discover new things, I want to spend time in my young soul and spirit that was put on the shelf when I entered the survival mode of responsibilities.

My answer to this prompt is this.  My body and heart may be “aging”, but the rest of me, mind, body,soul, and spirit, the most  important parts are getting “younger” everyday.  I don’t think of “old” except when I am trying to get out of the chair or bed or have been in the garden too long.  When my body reminds me it is aging, it gives me another opportunity and motivation to pursue my lifelong learning quest and childlike joy into play.

Can you come out and play?  Yes, thank you, “I will!”.



14 thoughts on ““I will””

  1. Such a thoughtful and positive approach to aging. For me, your phrase “follow my curiosities” describes perfectly what has me more excited about this stage of our lives. Yes, I’ve had to give up a few passions – mostly athletic – that are no longer possible, but it frees up time for other interests that just seem to come in waves now. I have so much to explore and learn about that it takes away any fear about aging. Your post is one I will return to because you’ve said it so well.

    1. Oh, that cracks me up that you noticed. I always have have to tell my kids (who are grown), “That’s a joke, Mommy made a joke, you are supposed to laugh!) Thank you, I am honored.

  2. I’m 66 and love being my age. None of the angst of youth, pursuing my digital art, living in North Cyprus which I love. Ageing is a natural process and I’ve never been worried about it, I think spending your time trying to be younger than your age is a waste of your life. My face and my body are the reflection of my life and, even though there are health challenges, I like the life I’ve led and don’t want to disguise or camouflage it in any way.

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