Yes, I burned Dinner

I laughed this morning reading  the blog “Is your Blogging interfering with your Writing?” .

This was my answer:

My mind has been obsessed with I need to write, no, I need to be out in the world, no, I need to write. There is not enough time, it takes me forever to get my thoughts arranged into understandable sentences so I burn dinner while I’m thinking. Blogging should be a quicker, easier way to throw those ideas down and revisit later if I want to expand on those thoughts. Because most of my “face-to-face” friends do not follow my blogs, I do at least save time thinking up conversation……I just repeat my blog words into conversation. You gotta love it!

Now, I need to find some way to get rid of the burnt smell in the house without using anything chemical or scented.  And those friends who do read my blog, please don’t dump me for being so redundant.




8 thoughts on “Yes, I burned Dinner”

  1. I’ve done that, perhaps not quite to that degree, but life is so full of distractions.
    Boiling creme of tartar in a pan can help with burned food, as would baking soda and vinegar, which would also help deodorize. There are orange-based air fresheners which I find effective and which don’t bother my chemical sensitivities. Better Life cleaning products are safe and effective, using only natural ingredients.

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