I want to live my life so you do not have to ask me who I am, what I do, or even what I believe because you will know, you will feel it.

I want to live my life deeply, softly, fully.  No regrets.  No drama.

All of this is hard work, which is why most people avoid it at  all costs (very high costs), and some go in and out of alignment (like me, every other day, hour, minute), but it’s a hell of a journey.

Often I want to runaway and hide from life.  Often I want to not make a decision,  have someone else tell me what to do, what to believe, who I am.  Because it is hard work to do it yourself, not have someone else to blame if things go wrong.

I know though, it is worth it.  If I can be accountable for my choices and encourage others to do the same, that will be my legacy as well as my reputation.


9 thoughts on “Accountability”

  1. In the ledgers of the Healing Garden, we are accountable for practice. In the present moment, the only moment we have discovered for true healing, the books balance perfectly.

    In the Healing Garden, granite is to dust, as devotion is to regret. Working with the small at the feet of Eternity, whose face we cannot see, but whose effects are visible everywhere, is money in the bank for healing every foolish expense.

    Each day in the Healing Garden there is a flower that opens. Every petal has its own flower. Every flower its own face. Every face its own nature. This is precisely accountable. It is healing. — THGg

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