The Throne could be my New Office


This writing thing is most distracting. It isn’t enough that all my other projects
keep me from dusting the cobwebs and scrubbing the floor, but now this.

And how exactly
do I find time to write all these ideas down.   No, worse than that,

how do I remember them
long enough to write them down? I already have problems not burning dinner, I can’t stop

and go
write in the middle of sauteeing vegies.

Years ago, when the kids were little, I had no time to read. I finally got a cue

from the men
reading in the bathroom and decided to try it. At first I felt very uncomfortable.

Ladies just
didn’t do such a thing.

But I got a page read.

And eventually another.

It took a while, but I
read Sacajawea that way and that is a huge book. One page at a time. The point of this story is
perhaps I need to move a computer in there, or at least a pen and paper.   I could write
one paragraph or even one thought at a time and eventually have an entire manuscript.
Problem solved.

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