Veratile Blogger Award

Thank you for nominating me.  It was very much a surprise.

There are some rules associated with this award which is found at

You must tell seven things about yourself then nominate 15 bloggers.

It will take me a while to do this but I am willing to take on the challenge.  I get lost trying to keep up with reading everyone’s wonderful and inspiring musings and it slows me down a lot.  So see my new added page for my progress.



5 thoughts on “Veratile Blogger Award”

    1. Thank you so much Sammy D. for giving me such great advice. The comments at that site from everyone definitely helped me. I do not have time, and it sounds like it can get out of hand, so I will not be accepting any more awards either.

  1. Dear new friend – congratulations on your award nomination. Because you mentioned your time constraints and feeling torn about how you spend your writing/reading time, you might want to check out where she has a post called “Dear Bloggers, Do You Accept Awards?” Her post , and the 200+ comments might give you perspective on your undertaking to receive an award.

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