Garden 98110’s post brought back memories of the power of the pineapple express.

Have you seen the power of a Chinook wind?  The first time I heard the expression “It’s chinooking” was in NE Oregon near the Wallowa’s.  There was about 2 and a half feet of snow on the ground.  The wind came up and someone remarked that it was a Chinook wind.  I asked what chinooking meant?  The person turned and said, just a wait a few hours and you will know the answer.  Two hours later, every bit of snow had disappeared, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and you would never have known the snow was there had you not seen it with your own eyes.

3 thoughts on ““Chinooking””

  1. Synchronicity is serendipitous. In the Healing Garden, we were wondering why we are not more accustomed to discourse in our comments. This is the back and forth between creatures making learning multi-dimensional.

    Humanly, it seems many of us drift far from our natural world. The Healing Garden gardener nand his service dog spend as much time as we can manage in the wild world everybody else calls the wilderness.

    A wise crone, or an old codger, accepts their limitations. If one is a flower, which does not bloom in Winter, there is not much sense displaying one’s glory in January. However, circumstances place varying demands on our limitations. Occasionally, we are urged to “lose sight of the shore for a long time to discover new lands” (Gide).

    Every living creature is, well, alive. Meeting each day, in the fullness of time, means we do not know what tomorrow brings. Thank you for prompting a discourse of the Chinook Wind. This has been a meaningful exchange for me. — The Healing Garden gardener

  2. We have Chinooks in West Denver coming down off the foothills. Back in the 80s they used to come Ike clockwork in mid-January, and i’d hide in the bathroom or go in the basement. They can be 80-85MPH … Day or nighttime, they were fierce. We don’t get thrm as often snymore.

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