Wishing, Hoping, Coveting

Did you ever notice that the rich and famous have as many woes and miseries and drama as you do in your life?  Or did all the things they have that you covet blind you to that fact.  All the fame, fortune, good deeds, good health you think will make your life perfect will not shield you from the imperfections of life.

Spending your life always wanting this or that (and I am not just talking about material things), sucks your energy away as well as distracts you from seeing, hearing, feeling your own life as it is right now.  You’ve missed another minute.  There is a limit to our days on earth, those minutes add up.

We laugh at the “text-er” so engrossed sending a message on her phone that she falls into the fountain because it was caught on camera and twittered across the world.  Everyday I can find a spot where I was not in the moment.  I can even find some spots where it was downright dangerous, as in driving home and realizing the 6 mile marker was not coming up because I was already at the 8 mile.  And how many times do I have to go down the stairs for something before I stay in the moment and remember what I am supposed to be doing?

So many moments missed because we are not paying attention.   I am trying to concentrate on cultivating more awareness of all the little things that would otherwise pass me by.  Time is wasted wishing for the possibly unattainable when you could be paying attention to right here, right now moving yourself closer to real peace and contentment.

All of us are truly equal in all our inner battles and rewards.    It doesn’t matter if you are rich or destitute, your life will have both.  A hug or smile lifts us all.  Rejection hurts not matter who you are.

2 thoughts on “Wishing, Hoping, Coveting”

  1. i do like your post. i just disagree. i don’t covet celebrities. i ignore them, like i ignore strangers. but saying a billionaire has the same problems as i do simply is not true. the facebook creator doesn’t have to worry if his six year old stick shift (that is no longer being made) is going to suddenly break down while driving through the next blizzard to work a double shift. he doesn’t have to worry about how he would provide for his adult schizophrenic sister if his estranged mother were to suddenly die. he doesn’t have to worry about being attacked and raped while walking through the garage parking lot late at night. all burden is not equal and all joy is not equal. someone always draws the short straw and life is always unfair to someone more than another. the trick is accepting what you can’t control and being aware of the positive things you do have. i think it is a far dangerous thing to say we are all equal in our purposes on this earth. please don’t compare justin bieber’s problems to that of a poor inner city black teenaged boy. a black kid would have been shot dead in the street ten times over pulling just one of biebers crimes. oh wait, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis had their lives wrongfully snatched away by gun toting vigilantes: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/after-trayvon-will-there-be-justice-for-floridas-other-stand-your-ground-victim-20130717

    1. I agree with your points. I don’t think that I said that they were the same, only that they still had plenty of their own inner stuggles.
      Thank you for your input. I will be more careful in how I word things.

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