The Struggle of Human Existence

I love it when I find some of my thoughts already written quite well.

less pride more compassion

One fault in the human condition is our pride. Pride warps how we think and we start believing that we are alone on this big planet, so we compete to be “the best”. What good is being on top of the world after stepping on anyone who cared along the way? Being “the best” has its costs. The view can be pretty lonely at the top.

But what exactly is pride? A sense of entitlement to things or knowledge, because you know what is best for all 7 billion individual people on Earth, right? An insatiable need for more. This includes money, material objects, or power. A fiery need to complete everything on your own, because you know you will do it better. It can be any sort of evil that acts as a barrier in between you and a chance of connecting with another person.

Having this desire…

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