Zero to Hero exercise

3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero exercise”

  1. This is so inspiring and great to connect. I think to have a passion is a treasure in itself. The photograph of all the pages there is motivating. Thanks for writing this blog!

  2. How lovely to meet another on the cronedom path! I went through a croning ceremony in my early ’50s after finishing menopause and it was a truly memorable occasion, with other crones and my two best friends. I love my elder years – freedom from pressure, no worrying about love life, living my life as I wish and if others don’t like it, that’s their problem. I’m writing a blog about my life because I guess I’ve followed the road less travelled, I create digital art which is my passion, I am enjoying life in North Cyprus with my husband (nearly 37 years together), four rescue dogs and two, maybe three, rescue cats (one of our cats has gone walkabout, hence the dithering about numbers). Great to be in contact..

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