My First Blog

This reminded me so much of what the water means to me and why I need to spend more time at the ocean.


A slow purposeful exhalation of negativity follows my deep burdened inhale. A wave of relief swells in the center of my being availing a glimmer of the rush to come. The warmth of peace free falls through my veins to the edges of my fingertips and toes. Peace so powerful it cannot be contained, flows through me and enters the water then embraces the earth. Unites with the sun, entwines with the clouds and kisses the sky. We are one, interconnected, gliding in harmony. The flow is intense. It cleanses and clarifies; encourages and applauds. It validates and secures. It affirms and charges. It’s “I CAN DO ANYTHING” power. And for a nano second, I can. I’m aware of a joy filled smile on my face and involuntarily laugh aloud. Until suddenly a wave brings water up my nose and poof it’s gone. Once again I’m cold and feel like…

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