I have been here several times before.  A place in my life where I could choose to do almost anything.  My mind is blank.  My heart is silent.  My soul is comatose.

All of us spend so much time dreaming, wishing, hoping to be in this spot, but each time I arrive, I am lost.    My lists seem unimportant.

I try to open up to the universe; to just be.  It is extremely uncomfortable and yet comforting.  So many years of conditioning to use the freeway or at least the roads mapped out.  Once you get out into the rural roads, and even the trails, eventually there is no map.   However, being lost is okay.  It can bring something new and fresh.

I have come to another fork.  My self refuses to show me the way.  So, I am going to just sit down on this rock and rest for a spell.

Let it come to me



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