I am a Crone


I am a crone.  I am looking for my tribe.

I have learned finally to love and believe in myself, be comfortable in silence, let go of guilt, accept that I can only “save” me, just be.  Now I look for role models and fellow travelers for this new life stage, sharing love, encouragement, humbleness, joy, awe, inspiration.

Being an elder is no longer retiring to the rocking chair to knit ( although that is a favorite meditative activity of mine).  I feel a gluttonous urge to devour everything that interests me.  I feel child-like, curious and ready 

to learn, with only the new restrictions of my ageing body slowing me down a little.  All the better to pay attention this time.

I am learning to detach a little more each day from those parts of life and the world that I can not help, I can not change; trying to not allow the frantic craziness of the “norm” weigh me down.  My new mantra is:

Love myself

Love others

Satisfy my curiosities.

If I only do these three things, I will not have to tell anyone who I am, what I do, or what I believe because it will be self evident.  And in these actions I hope to plant seeds in other hearts.

I love this crone-ing process of becoming an elderwoman.  I love the freedom.  I love the peace and contentment.  It can be raw and challenging at times but full of understanding and aha moments.  

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