Creative Woman – elderwomanspace

Creative Woman

she lets go of perfectionism

she honors who she is with all of her limitations

she listens to her intuition

she lives a simple super awesome life

she embraces any loneliness as she holds herself close

she knows her name(s)

she practices daily self care

she knows not to listen to voices that are not hers’

she says “yes” to her desires

she can say “no” to you; thus she can also say “no” when necessary to herself

she has learned from her experiences

she can “show up” each moment as she lives in the NOW

she discovers the life energy she needs

she voices gratitude throughout the day

she values the love in her life

she explores her inner castle

she discovers new thoughts

she identifies the images in her nighttime dreams

she symbolically connects her inner and outer worlds

Linda M. Smith

via Creative Woman – elderwomanspace.

via Creative Woman – elderwomanspace.

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