According to one of my dictionaries, a crone is an ugly, withered old woman; hag. Often, in fairy tales, a crone is depicted as an old ugly witch in the forest.   Sounds scary.  But then, often things that are not understood or too “out of the box” are labelled wrongly and looked at in disdain.

Could it be that the hag is  merely a woman that led her life nurturing everyone around her and has finally found time for herself?  Is crone-ing the act of entering into a new age of discovery, leaving the world’s obsession with youth and beauty and possessions behind, and entering a world of contentment, vision, creativity, and spirituality?  Is the forest not a return to nature, a place to put your roots back down into Mother Earth, to feel and see the miracles of life and of death?

A crone will not argue too much with definitions but continue on her way, knowing that if you can’t see the beauty and the wisdom in that “ugly, withered old woman”, then you are not ready for the journey and won’t follow until you are.

I hope this is A new beginning , a place to share thoughts, dreams, insights.  We are entering a new stage of life. We need to embrace it, share it, and maybe even create a new role model for these years of life.

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